Sturdy G2 Glass Barriers Protect Employees and Customers Without Sacrificing Quality, Aesthetics

As the new normal of the COVID-19 pandemic takes shape, you do not need to sacrifice quality and aesthetics in your office in order to meet the evolving safety standards required to protect your employees and customers from airborne, virus-containing droplets.

Mills Products, which has been producing high-end appliance metal parts and metal/glass assemblies since 1945, has designed the ideal protective shield for the public-facing areas in an office environment.

These barriers, known as sneeze guards, feature tempered glass and a solid coated metal base. They are more suitable than plexiglass and plastic sneeze guards for: 

  • Medical or dental reception desks
  • Administrative office workspaces 
  • Hospital registration areas
  • Bank office customer service areas 
  • Other higher end public-facing office environments

A Protective Glass Barrier That Won’t Scratch or Tip Over

A lot of plexiglass sneeze guards with cheap plastic bases were quickly installed when the pandemic changed the way employers interact with customers at retail counters. Mills Products, an expert in durable metal forming solutions, has put together a superior replacement. 

These protective shields are more durable, attractive, and safer than the plexiglass versions. They are classy looking with no visible hardware and two height options for under-shield clearance depending upon various types of transactions and customer needs. These barriers have a solid tempered glass pane, which is unlikely to break, and the solid metal foundation makes it difficult to tip over.

Features of the Mills Products G2 protective barriers:

  • 3 glass sizes (24×24, 24×30 and 24×36 heights and widths)
  • Under-shield clearance (2 or 4-inch gap)
  • Tempered glass certified to standard ANSI Z97.1 – 2015
  • Black powder coated, machined steel base for added stability
  • Easily assembled and installed
  • Free-standing base is portable within the office
  • Residue-free cleaning with disinfectant, unlike plexiglass guards

This product also is safer than the plexiglass options. In the unlikely event the glass breaks, it is tempered safety glass that will break into small granular pieces rather than splinter into jagged shards.

A High-Quality Solution Durable Enough for the Long Term

Not only do the sturdy, glass guards help your employees feel safer in your office environment, they also provide customers with confidence that your business is taking suitable precautions to protect them. These protective barriers are a more suitable long-term solution for customer-facing areas than the cheap plastics and plexiglass sneeze guards in the market. 

Mills Products has long been an expert in glass and metal assemblies. In 1948 we were the first manufacturer to embed a glass window in an oven door, and we have been innovating for manufacturers ever since. Trust this experience to help you protect your employees and customers without sacrificing quality and aesthetics. Contact us to learn how we can help you find the right, high-quality protective barrier for your employees.