Aesthetically Pleasing Sneeze Guards Are Built For the Long Haul

History shows that it can take years to eradicate a viral epidemic or pandemic – such as with smallpox, polio, the Spanish Flu, and now COVID-19. The Centers for Disease Control recently suggested that even with the anticipated release of vaccines, we might be wearing masks in the United States throughout all of 2021.

While there has been nothing normal in 2020, it is fair to say a “new normal” is the universal desire to protect people from virus contamination. It only takes one cough or sneeze to infect an employee or customer in an office environment, and a single sneeze or cough can carry virus-containing droplets as far as 27 feet. Social distancing isn’t enough to protect employees and customers in public-facing areas. 

For public-facing workspaces, protective shields are now essential, and they will be for a long time. With this in mind, it may be time to upgrade your office sneeze guards from those plexiglass and plastic shields you bought as a stopgap measure in the spring at the onset of the pandemic. Or maybe it is time to upgrade to safeguards appropriate for a professional environment and the importance of business relationships.

What if there was a more sturdy glass option to safeguard employees — without sacrificing aesthetics? 

Sturdy Glass Protection Designed for Professional Spaces

Mills Products, which has been producing high-end durable metal forming and glass and metal assemblies since 1945, has designed the G2 Sneeze Guard. The G2’s glass and metal design makes it the ideal protective shield for the public-facing areas in an office environment to protect employees and customers from airborne, virus-containing droplets 

The G2’s tempered glass and solid coated metal base makes it more suitable than plexiglass and plastic sneeze guards for:

  • Administrative office workspaces.
  • Bank customer service areas.
  • Medical or dental reception desks.
  • Hospital registration areas.
  • Government offices.
  • Schools and universities.
  • Other higher end public-facing office environments.

Easy-to-Install G2 Sneeze Guards Last Longer Than Plastic

The G2 Sneeze Guards are more durable, attractive, and safer than the plexiglass versions, some of which, it turns out, do not meet fire codes. There is no visible hardware on the G2s, and there are two height options for under-shield clearance depending upon various types of transactions and customer needs. 

The G2 Glass Sneeze Guards are:

  • Easy to install and won’t fall over easily, thanks to a solid, free-standing metal base.
  • Better designed for public-facing environments because they don’t scratch like plexiglass/plastic.
  • More versatile than cheap plastic barriers, with three different size options and adjustable under-shield clearance.

These barriers have a solid tempered glass pane, which is unlikely to break, and the solid metal foundation makes it difficult to tip over. In the unlikely event the glass breaks, it is tempered safety glass that will break into small granular pieces rather than splinter into jagged shards.

The G2 Sneeze Guard features include:

  • 3 glass sizes (24×24, 24×30 and 24×36 heights and widths).
  • Under-shield clearance (2 or 4-inch gap).
  • Tempered glass certified to standard ANSI Z97.1 – 2015.
  • Black powder coated, machined steel base for added stability.
  • Easily assembled and installed.
  • Free-standing base (portable within the office).
  • Residue-free cleaning with disinfectant, unlike plexiglass guards.

You Can Trust Mills Products to Safeguard Your Staff and Customers

Mills Products has long been an expert in glass and metal assemblies. In 1948, they were the first manufacturer to embed a glass window in an oven door, and they have been innovating for manufacturers ever since. 

Visit the G2 Sneeze Guard online store to find the right, high-quality protective barrier for your customers and employees that is suitable for your workspace. Questions? Contact us today, and we will help you protect your employees and customers without sacrificing quality and aesthetics.