Mills Products Will Still be Here When the Dust Settles: A Letter From the President, Darrell Adcock

Our industry has been through some tough times in recent months, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Shops that have been shuttered are getting back to business. Furloughed employees are heading back to work. Factories have revamped their operations to respond to the new “normal.” And Mills Products has been there every step of the way – supporting our manufacturing clients during our collective journey back to economic stability.

This isn’t our first recession storm. Since 1945, the Mills team has weathered multiple recessions, wars, terrorist attacks, and other shifts in the economic landscape. Yet in spite of these upheavals, we’ve managed to help manufacturers keep their essential production operations moving forward. How? 

Unlike some operations, our facilities are strategically located in North America, so Mills is not vulnerable to overseas delivery. This means we keep our delivery promises. Mills has the under-one-roof metal fabrication and assembling capability that our clients have come to depend on for their production stability. This means we are in control and not dependent on someone else.

Our Mills philosophy is to take care of our people, who in turn take care of our valued clients. When this pandemic is all over, we’ll still be here, supporting our manufacturers like we’ve been doing for the past 75 years.

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