Tubular metal parts for individual pieces and modular systems

If you’re like most office furniture manufacturers, you’re facing fierce competition to drive down prices. With offshore and stateside suppliers increasing their rates, how can you cut costs?

Think like an appliance or automotive manufacturer. Their design engineers collaborate with their suppliers early in the design process to find ways to cut costs and improve lead times. Since 1945, our team has worked directly with design engineers in the appliance and automotive industries to develop lighter, stronger and more affordable assemblies by applying our experience with roll forming, hydroforming, and tubular stamping metal forming techniques.


We use a fully integrated inline roll forming process to minimize part handling and reduce costs. Inline sweep rolling and arc rolling allow us to create complex, aesthetically superior parts, including:

  • Open office panels
  • Shelving
  • Top caps
  • Base covers
  • Electrical raceways
  • Frame members


Hydroforming offers significantly better design flexibility and strength-to-weight ratios than virtually any other metal forming process. Metal office furniture parts that benefit from hydroforming include:

  • Leg adjustment tubes
  • Arm rests
  • Tube brackets
  • Table legs


If you’ve previously welded or extruded your tubing, it’s time to explore tubular stamping — the cost-effective solution for high-volume tubular parts. We use a patented tubular stamping technology that offers more design freedom than most any other process. Common tubular components that benefit from tube stamping include:

  • Gas lifts
  • Columns
  • Bushings
  • Back uprights
  • Swivels
  • Bases


The best method depends on your application. Our design engineers work with yours to determine which metal forming process will achieve the best results. We specialize in helping office furniture manufacturers find solutions to meet their form, fit and function requirements in ways that cut costs and improve part strength.