Custom assembly involving parts we manufacture

We eliminate the need for multiple vendors by consolidating manufacturing and assembly at one location. In many cases, our contract assembly capabilities have helped companies reduce turnaround time and costs by eliminating the need for outsourced secondary operations.

We help our customers improve their bottom line by reducing redundancy in packaging, handling, freight and multiple mark-ups. For example, in the past we have:

  • Assisted with the mounting process for an oven window assembly by attaching outer frames and shipping the assembled product to the customer ready for drop in.
  • Resolved design issues where parts have mounting requirements (such as hole patterns and centers), but no methods to attach to the component. Our design and engineering team augmented the design to meet requirements prior to production.
  • Adjusted packaging to reduce turnaround time for an appliance OEM. Our team assembled finished handles with instructions, extra tools and components, heat sealed to waterproof and shipped to customer – removing a step in their process.


While we can produce most parts without secondary operations, some products require additional welding for final assembly. We can weld a wide variety of metal types, including light-gauge stainless steel. Our welding capabilities include robotic MIG, plasma and TIGwelding.

We can also tool welding fixtures in-house to control cost and meet timelines.


In addition to mechanical assembly services, we offer a wide range of secondary services to improve the consistency and quality of your components: