Customized machine building to optimize production

We offer cost-effective metal machining services to meet your exact design specifications. One of the benefits of providing both manufacturing and assembly under one roof is the ability to custom design and build metal machines that are optimized for a specific product or process requirement.

In the past, we have built machines in-house to fulfill a part need – cutting down on tooling time and saving our customers money and time that would otherwise be outsourced to a third party. In fact, when we first started hydroforming, our team designed and built custom cold saws to fit the specifications of hydroformed parts.


Our machining capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Metal Drilling and Tapping (flow drilling, for example)
  • Metal Punching
  • Metal Sawing and Cutting
  • Metal Tube Bending
  • Automated Deburring and Sanding