Part and assembly manufacturing for tractors and trailers

We’ve developed a reputation in the automotive industry for reducing part weight through innovative design, but did you know we can also increase the structural stability of HSLA (high-strength low-alloy) steels?

We perform turnkey manufacturing for heavy truck components and can form, weld, paint, assemble and ship your parts anywhere in the world. Since 1945, our engineering team has worked directly with our clients’ design engineers to help them select the right metal forming process to produce assemblies that have the structural strength required for heavy jobs.


We use a fully integrated inline roll forming process to minimize part handling and reduce costs. Inline sweep rolling and arc rolling allow us to create complex, aesthetically superior parts, including:

  • Decorative trim
  • Heavy truck grills


Hydroforming’s high strength-to-weight ratio is ideal for heavy truck, farming and trailer applications. Parts that benefit from hydroforming include:

  • Grab handles
  • Crossmembers
  • Cab reinforcements
  • Engine brackets
  • Underhood brackets
  • Exhaust components


Our patented tubular stamping technology offers more design freedom than most any other metal forming process. This flexibility allows us to increase part strength while reducing weight — ideal for improving fuel consumption. Common tubular parts made with tube stamping include:

  • Radiator side supports
  • Severe duty components


The best method depends on your application. Our design engineers work with yours to determine which metal forming process will achieve the best results. We specialize in helping heavy truck manufacturers find solutions to meet their form, fit and function requirements in ways that cut costs and improve part strength.