Stainless steel metal forming and more within 3 days of anywhere in North America

Stainless steel metal forming and more within 3 days of anywhere in North America

It’s likely that you already use our products every day. We are the largest North American manufacturer of stainless steel appliance handles, inventor of the oven window assembly and a Tier 2 Supplier for the majority of sport utility and crossover vehicle manufacturers in North America.

So what sets us apart from another metal forming company?


We have earned the trust of some of the largest and most well respected appliance brands in the world. In many cases, our focus on aesthetics has set the design standard for high-end appliances.

Visit our Metal Finishing Page to learn how we add aesthetic value to your products with expert metal finishing services.


We’ve manufactured more than 45 million oven windows since inventing the oven door window assembly in 1948, earning Mills a global reputation as a technology-driven company with a history of supplying new ideas to improve the metal component manufacturing industry.

Read about our history of metal manufacturing innovations on our Innovations Page.


Customers often describe Mills Products as a unique combination of large-company capabilities with the highly-acute responsiveness and customer savvy of a much smaller company – a label we are proud to meet and maintain.


Throughout design and production, close customer interaction at each step of the process allows us to quickly address challenges and select the process that produces the best part in the most cost-effective way possible.

Learn why close customer interaction is a critical part of our design and engineering process.


A critical component of our ability to design cost-effective products is early participation – a direct result of our engineers partnering with customers early and often to review designs long before production begins. Early involvement means we add more value to a customer’s product through weight, cost and process reductions.

See why our design and engineering capabilities can help us save customers time and money.


Our ISO 9001 certified facilities in Athens, Tennessee and San Luis Potosi, Mexico are strategically located to provide advanced production capabilities and equipment, including hydroforming, roll forming, powder coating and secondary finishing services, all under the same metal fabrication company roof.