Raw Extrusion ROI for the Automotive Industry

When it comes to automotive metal parts, looks matter. Interior and exterior aesthetics can make or break a sale, so only the highest quality will suffice. However, there are manufacturing challenges associated with producing parts such as automotive trim, especially when it comes to producing eye-catching value at a reasonable cost. Raw aluminum extrusions, with…
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5 Features of Great Truck Cab Grab Handles

Grab handles are an important safety feature of any truck or tractor. Getting in and out of the cab of a truck can be extremely dangerous if truck cab grab handles are poorly designed or manufactured, not attached correctly, nonexistent, or corroded. Slip and fall injuries are common for truck drivers, and effective grab handles…
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Automotive Hydroforming for Exhaust Systems

What are some of the uses and advantages of automotive hydroforming? Increasingly, carmakers are finding it a highly versatile process for creating performance exhaust systems. For example, when BMW engineers were designing a recent incarnation of the M3, they wanted tubular exhaust manifolds that were comparable to racing engines, with six serpentine primary pipes coming…
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