Metal engineering for manufactured parts and assemblies

Our “early-and-often” approach to customer involvement allows us to make recommendations on part design and material selection early in the manufacturing process. By gaining an early understanding of your product’s form, fit and function, we can help you find opportunities to reduce product weight, manufacturing costs and time to market.

Our design and engineering services have made us a household name in appliances and other industries. Our accolades include “supplier of the year” from a Fortune 500, multinational appliance manufacturer.

As a leading Tier 2 Automotive Supplier, our parts can be found in the majority of sport utility and crossover vehicles manufactured in North America.


A Finite Element Analysis is a key component of our design and engineering process that helps us predict potential design flaws in metal forming engineering before production begins. We take customer-generated data and develop prototypes of products and tooling to facilitate early design improvements. Our engineers work closely with you to:

  • Optimize product/tooling design and process parameters
  • Simulate the severity of tube expansion
  • Accurately predict material thinning
  • Determine failure/success rates prior to manufacturing

The end result – a metal design and component that meets specifications, exceeds expectations and minimizes manufacturing risk.