Finely formed and finished metal trim for great first impressions

Mills Products is a leading provider of custom industrial decorative metal trim for a variety of applications – including metal formed components used in interior/exterior automotive trim, metal furniture legs and arms, and appliance door frames furniture and edge trim.

We’ve established a benchmark for producing superior aesthetics and quality. We produce roll formed, tubular stamped and hydroformed products to your exact specifications, as well as provide design assistance and material selection recommendations.


  • Exterior and interior automotive trim
  • Appliance trim
  • Vent tubes
  • Side trim
  • Furniture
  • Additional custom trim components are available

Additional Cost Saving Opportunities

As a turnkey metal fabricator, we can find you ways to reduce manufacturing costs by combining processes. Browse through our metal forming services or contact us to see if we can combine part manufacturing and decorative trim assembly under one roof.

We also offer value-added services, including metal forming and on-site powder coating. We can match colors to design specifications, provide temperature and corrosion resistance and even shape products from pre-finished materials (chrome, vinyl, stainless steel and more).