Breathe New Life into Raw Metal Extrusions

If you’re still looking at your raw aluminum extrusions as low-value commodities, it’s time to re-evaluate your extrusions ROI. With the right machining and finishing touches, those dull, straight extrusions are just waiting to be turned into profit. 

Transforming Extrusions into Value-Added Parts

Like diamonds in the rough, aluminum extrusions are just waiting for the right metal manufacturer to discover their ROI potential. From CNC machining to anodizing finishing techniques, a true turnkey metal part and assembly manufacturer can turn previously low-value raw extrusions into functional, attractive parts in high-value assemblies.

These new components can include:

An experienced metal manufacturing engineer can use a variety of machining processes to create any shape from your raw extrusions, from experimenting with the right arc to crafting consistent bends. Finishing techniques can disguise dull aluminium to mimic brushed chrome finishes and bright brassy surfaces.

These techniques deliver new form and function for parts such as:

  • Aesthetically-pleasing trim for shelving, refrigerators, office furniture, automobiles, or semi trucks
  • Strong, lightweight frames for industrial structures or solar panels
  • Ergonomic handles for elevators, office doors, kitchen appliances, drawers, or shower & bath safety grabs

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to boosting extrusion value. With the right machining and finishing approach, your extrusions can actually save money when looking at overall manufacturing production and lifecycle costs.

Transforming Coal into Diamonds

Gone are the days when machining was considered too expensive for enhancing aluminium or other metal extrusions. CNC milling can cost-effectively transform 3D models and 2D sketches into designs for fully functional, attractive metal components.

Experienced turnkey metal manufacturers can apply multiple processes in one machine to create single run prototypes for complex systems or large order runs with precise specifications. One CNC machine can bore, face, knurl, or groove both ends of an aluminum extrusion to prepare it for capping, saving time and logistics. Precise textures, letters, and drills can be added for even more value.

Extrusion ROI enhancements can be made using machining techniques such as:

  • Sawing and cutting
  • Metal punching
  • Drilling and tapping
  • Tube bending
  • Automated deburring and sanding

Going Beyond the Surface

While there are multifaceted machining capabilities available to transform raw extrusions, finishing can be tricky, depending on the type of metal and surface conditions. It takes just the right recipe of trial and error to ensure the surface is ready for appropriate finishing, painting, or coating for each specific assembly.

Does your assembly part need a “mirror” polished surface? Or do you require a smudge-proof kitchen appliance handle? An experienced metal manufacturing engineer can apply texture enhancements for any desired look and feel.

Changing the texture may involve one or a combination of processes, such as:

  • Blasting, sanding, grinding, combing, and other mechanical processes to improve surface feel and appearance
  • Polishing the extrusion with a buffing or polishing wheel
  • Applying different levels of buff “aggressiveness” via grain belts and polishing pastes

But what if you need parts with different color finishes to match specific design specifications? Do you require coating that can withstand salt spray or heat-resistant paint? Does your metal component need to meet strict alkaline testing requirements?

Thanks to new advances in anodizing and other surface enhancements, a turnkey metal part and assembly manufacturer can now provide cost-effective finishing options never thought possible before, especially for raw aluminum extrusions.

Such enhancements may include:

  • A “brushed” finished that mimics copper
  • A hammered nickel or bronze type surface
  • Additional dyes and powder coatings in any color palette

New high-volume turnkey manufacturing advances have made these processes more affordable with a higher return on each extrusion finishing investment. It just takes the right manufacturer to deliver real bottom-line results.

Choosing the Right Partner to Deliver Raw Extrusion ROI

Are you ready to unleash the ROI potential of your raw extrusions? When combined with the right machining, anodizing, and other finishing techniques, the right partner can deliver superior metal products in the most economical fashion possible. 

At Mills Products, we offer a diverse range of manufacturing services to help you get more value out of your extruded metal parts. With value-added services available under one roof, Mills can machine and form extrusion enhancements in-house to reduce costs, speed up production time, and improve part consistency.

You can learn more about the turnkey metal manufacturing methods and engineering techniques that can deliver new ROI to your raw extrusions in our latest whitepaper.

If you’re interested in discussing how we can transform your raw aluminum extrusions into attractive, functional metal components for your specific assembly, contact us today.