Mills Celebrates 75 Years of Metal Part Innovation: A Letter From the President, Darrell Adcock

This year, Mills Products celebrates 75 years of metalforming innovation, from successfully integrating the first “eye-level glass” in an oven door to designing and manufacturing the first “visor” oven door handle with formed ends. This dedication to innovation is why OEMs have turned to Mills since the 1940s to help them improve end-product quality and find new ways to save manufacturing costs.

Our history of innovation “firsts” includes: 

  • 1948: First to invent the oven door window assembly, paving the way for more end-consumer kitchen appliance innovations
  • 1959: First to bring the “towel bar” handle to the major appliance industry with die cast end caps
  • 1970: First to bring the all-glass front oven door with a stainless frame
  • 1975: First to bring the stainless steel oven door frame with vent slots to cool the outside surface of glass doors
  • 1985: First to satisfy key OEM industry need by achieving 500-hour salt spray, using powder paint
  • 1992: First to successfully roll form and powder coat automotive luggage shade cassettes
  • 1996: First component manufacturer to bring tubular hydroformed handles to the appliance industry
  • 1997: First to bring brushed stainless steel, hydroformed handles to the appliance industry
  • 2009: First to bring tubular stamping to high-volume handle component manufacturing

Today, the entire Mills team is creating new turnkey metal part and assembly manufacturing solutions to give OEMs more ROI for their appliance, automotive, and furniture consumer offerings. We’re currently testing state-of-the art mounting systems to provide customers with additional options for mounting methods. We’re also developing new subassembly designs for high-end appliances, including glass shelving for refrigerators.

But it takes more than innovation to meet the specific needs of our valued clients, from global OEMs to small-to-medium manufacturers across North America. We walk the talk when it comes to backing up every custom part and assembly solution with service that continues long after product delivery.

If you haven’t yet worked with the Mills family, feel free to contact us to learn how our turnkey assembly team can help you achieve your end-product vision within your budgetary constraints. Here’s to another 75 years of serving your production needs, from design and engineering to final assembly. Our 300-plus team of employees are waiting to serve you and walk you through every step of our design process.


Darrell Adcock
President, Mills Products