5 Features of Great Truck Cab Grab Handles

Grab handles are an important safety feature of any truck or tractor. Getting in and out of the cab of a truck can be extremely dangerous if truck cab grab handles are poorly designed or manufactured, not attached correctly, nonexistent, or corroded.

Slip and fall injuries are common for truck drivers, and effective grab handles can prevent many accidents. Injuries are especially prevalent when the weather is poor, such as when there is ice, snow, or rain. Even uneven ground can make getting in and out of the cab difficult.

Jumping down from the cab is often just as dangerous as climbing up since high impacts can do damage to joints and ligaments. Slips or falls are also more likely when drivers jump from their cabs.

While round stainless steel tube handles have historically been the most common type of truck cab grab handles on the market, they may not be the best option because round, smooth handles can become slippery in poor weather and are generally not aerodynamic — an increasingly important consideration as drivers and trucking companies look for strategies to reduce fuel costs. Fortunately, today there are more, and often better, options to replace the traditional grab handle.

Having a great truck cab grab handle can cut down on injuries and make getting in and out of the cab much easier. Drivers appreciate the increased safety while businesses appreciate the decreases in work-related injuries. Virtually every reliable and effective truck cab grab handle has the following attributes.

1.     Sturdiness

Sturdy truck cab grab handles result from a combination of effective attachment methods, durable materials, and good pull strength.

A grab handle can be attached with traditional bolts, or it can be welded onto the truck itself. Welding offers a more secure connection that provides security and reliability, but strong bolting is often an acceptable solution, particular with aftermarket grab handles.

When it comes to materials, high-strength steel is the best option available. It will not bow or warp, is extremely durable, and can be engineered into shapes with high pull strengths so that it can withstand repeated, long-term use.

2.     Rust Resistance

Appearances are important for any truck. An ill-maintained vehicle reflects poorly on a business, as well as a driver’s reliability and attention to detail. Owner operators who have their own trucks also take a lot of pride in their vehicles and using a product that rusts undermines their high quality standards.

Having a truck cab grab handle made out of rust-proof material is also an important feature in terms of dependability. Grab handles that rust may also have compromised pull strength and could give out after repeated use.

3.     Aerodynamics

An ideal truck cab grab handle will have little to no effect on aerodynamics. Creating unnecessary drag means burning extra fuel, and truck drivers and companies know that every penny counts when it comes to fuel costs. Wind noise associated with a poorly designed grab handle can also be enough to make a driver crazy. A great grab handle will be designed to minimize noise and drag.

4.     The Right Fit

Truck cab grab handles should not interfere with other functions of the truck cab or door. Placing the handle exactly where the driver needs it will be important, and only handles of certain sizes and shapes will be appropriate.

In addition, having a handle that has a contoured shape, knurled grips, or a textured surface can reduce the risk of hands slipping off. Longer truck cab grab handles have also been shown to be generally more effective simply because there is more surface to grasp.

5.     Price

Lastly, truck cab grab handles need to be manufactured in an effective and cost-efficient manner to decrease overall costs for the consumers. This process involves reducing complexities and inefficiencies in the manufacturing process, selecting the right materials for the job, and — as we at Mills Products would contend — working with someone who can handle the handle manufacturing turnkey.

Finding the Right Truck Cab Grab Handle Manufacturing Partner

Truck cab grab handles are simple, yet effective ways to cut down on injuries associated with getting in and out of truck cabs. They can be added to virtually any truck during production, as an OEM option, or even aftermarket — as long as the right size and shape is used. The benefits of truck cab grab handles significantly outweigh the drawbacks for self-employed drivers who own their own tractors and the trucking businesses that deploy whole fleets.

Hitting on the right design for a truck grab handle that meets customer expectations, works well, and is priced to sell can be difficult for heavy truck OEMs. Fortunately, working with a contract manufacturer specialized in handles can remove some of the variables and put cost-effective, quality-minded, and timely production within reach.

To simplify your manufacturing supply chain and to create the best truck cab grab handle on the market, contact Mills Products today by calling (423) 745-9090 to get more information about our turnkey handle prototyping and manufacturing services.