Introducing Tubular Stamping

Tubular stamping, or tube stamping, is a patented metal forming technology that can produce lightweight, complex tubular components from flat metal stock — often at a fraction of the price of casting or machining.

With a wide variety of applications, tube stamping can be use to create tubular parts such as automotive exhaust components, appliance handles, and office furniture parts.

Download our white paper to learn more about tubular stamping. Find out about:

  • Tube stamping’s advantages over other metal forming processes
  • The cost, weight, and time benefits tubular stamping affords
  • How tubular stamping can be used to make complex shapes
  • The wide variety of metals that can be tube stamped
  • Diameters and thicknesses achievable with tubular stamping
  • Options that can be included, such as coining and piercing